Some SEO tips for Riyadh Air

Jambread has had the good fortune of working on SEO for Airlines over the years: Etihad Airways (flag carrier of UAE) based out of Abu Dhabi and flynas – the LCC based out Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Both airlines benefit from huge brand awareness which makes SEO an interesting endeavour.

People tend to be loyal to a brand and often visit airline websites directly.

And when your brand is so well known, branded search queries often dominate your keyword data.

So when we first heard of a new airline launching out of Saudi Arabia, our ears pricked up.

Riyadh Air, based out of Riyadh (surprise!) is set to launch in 2025 and has unveiled stunning purple livery.

The airline has also recently stated that it isn’t looking to compete with regional heavyweights with their expansive travel hubs.

The plan is to focus on local flights within KSA as well as flights within the region.

Now let’s bring this back to SEO, because after all, that’s what this blog post is all about.

SEO for Airlines comes with its own set of challenges because, no matter how big an airline or strong your brand is, you’re up against not just other airlines but OTAs (online travel agents).

People are naturally price conscious and will often forego brand loyalty in order to get the best deal wherever it makes sense to do so.

So this means traffic is lost to these OTAs when it could be coming to the airline’s website (directly or via search).

It’s important to note that Riyadh Air has launched its official website and is on an aggressive recruitment drive to ensure a big launch in 2025. The official site is:

For now, the site is small and there isn’t a lot of content.

This is understandable as the airline is in the process of finalising all of the many little things that come together to run an airline from codeshare agreements and partnerships, to destinations, to pricing and more.

We wish we’d be the ones helping Riyadh Air with their SEO.

But if we were, here’s 3 big tips on how we’d build out the content on a site of this scope to get the best possible results:

Destination pages
Whilst it’s a huge undertaking to create pages for every single route, eg. “from city to city”, airlines always know where they fly to. “Flights to destination” as a core keyword syntax would be used to build out pages according to destinations covered by Riyadh Air.

These pages would contain hyper relevant content for the destination in question (images, videos, words) along with helpful information (not just the basics – we’d go further and tie it up with important travel related things like shape of plug points, voltage and time difference between major cities).

These destination pages would tie up with the Route Map which would be another critical page to highlight the airlines breadth.

Multilingual support & URL structure
For an airline that has global ambitions, it’s critical to set the foundations right with site structure.

The site sits on a .com which makes it easier to cater to different languages and regions.

We like how Etihad does it: / language-country/ (

This is our preferred method. Anything else just complicates life!

Implement hreflang correctly to serve the correct language/country version of the website to users. There’s lots of subtle nuances with languages (eg. Portuguese in Brazil vs Portuguese in Portugal) and you want to ensure people are served in the language of their choice (and make it easy to switch).

Riyadh Air is all about a unique flying experience and the website should be no different.

FAQ & Schema Markup

A huge part of any airlines website, are their FAQs and the usual questions about what is/isn’t allowed, baggage allowances (HUGE) and so many other things from passenger assistance to travelling with kids and even things like the in-flight menu and entertainment.

Using Schema Markup helps search engines better understand the nature of page content and puts the site in a better position to be found for queries relating to it – because there will be lots of other sites talking about the same thing – and we want Riyadh Air to be #1, not anyone else! (the same reason Apple wants to be #1 for support queries relating to its products – it’s the one single source of truth for the brand!)

So that’s 3 things to keep in mind when building out the Riyadh Air website with top level SEO considerations.

There’s so much more to Airline SEO but this is a pretty good place to start!

To our friends at Riyadh Air, may your wings forever uplift you!

(if you need a hand, we’re just a call away: