SEO Services

Our SEO services are customised to suit your business and adapts as we achieve results and your business grows.

With Jambread, you get well-rounded SEO advice that protects your brand and focuses on sustainable, long term organic growth.

The ultimate goal is to maximise visibility for your website, video or app (or all three if that’s how you roll).


Jambread is a comprehensive SEO Consultancy

This means we do everything required to build and maintain your website’s visibility in search engines.

It typically includes:

– keyword research and rank tracking
– competitor research, analysis and monitoring
– audits with recommendations
– hands-on implementation of recommendations
– content writing
– analytics monitoring
– website performance monitoring
– acquisition of links from other websites
– regular progress calls & monthly reports

It’s usually ongoing (like training for a marathon or embarking upon a lifestyle change at the gym). Learn more about how we work.

No matter if you’re looking for an SEO agency or an SEO consultant or a SEO freelancer – you’re looking for the same thing: reliable SEO advice that helps your website get found more easily in search engines.

And that’s what Jambread is all about.

To really spread the jam really thick: we offer web design services, in particular, a Website In A Day service where you get a fully functional, great looking, SEO-friendly website in just 24 hours. It’s possible, really!