SEO Services

Our SEO services are customised to suit your business and adapts as we achieve results and your business grows.

With Jambread, you get well-rounded SEO advice that protects your brand and focuses on sustainable, long term organic growth.

The ultimate goal is to maximise visibility for your website, video or app (or all three if that’s how you roll).


SEO Strategy

SEO is more than a checklist to follow. There’s much more thought required and Jambread has a nuanced approach when it comes to SEO strategy. Although the underlying principle of visibility remains the same, the work required for each project varies considerably. Jambread always has a plan of action for the long term and we offer this on a monthly retainer basis.

Website In A Day

Sometimes you just need a website up and running quickly so you can get on with promotion of your business. That’s where our unique Website In A Day service comes in. Get a well designed, functional website with all the SEO trimmings online in 24 hours. It’s a rapid fire service for those who only work fast. We’re ready when you are.

Technical SEO

From addressing issues with page speed and crawlability, to tags and scripts and structured data – Jambread assesses the technical aspect of each project and works with you through prioritised action items at a technical level. We’ll spare you the jargon but we’ll still get the job done.

Website Audits

Most projects require a complete website audit to gauge overall health. Knowing this information helps guide the SEO strategy and tactics required to get results. Jambread not only audits the website but also works with you to action the recommended implementations based on priority and payload. If it’s not worth doing, we won’t do it.

Website Migrations

Planning a site migration to a new platform or domain? That requires serious SEO expertise to protect from potential loss in traffic, rankings and conversions. Jambread knows how to migrate a website safely, securely and without disruption. Your bottom line depends on it.

Site Launches

Having an SEO expert consult and provide guidance prior to a site launch is one way to avoid headaches down the road. Jambread is prepared to step in at any point before a new site launch with solutions to avoid common launch pitfalls and to ensure you launch your new site without any worries (from SEO anyway).

SEO Content Writing

Most sites suffer from not enough content and subsequently, not enough of the right content. Jambread has an SEO content writing offering that solves this problem ensuring your site has relevant content, plenty of it and formatted and styled in the best possible way. No ChatGPT required. Just good ol’ fashioned words from a real human being.

E-commerce SEO

With e-commerce SEO, having your products more visible in organic search results is the difference between a healthy bottom line and weak profits. Don’t let paid media eat you out of house and home. Use Jambread’s robust e-commerce SEO advice to leverage the power of SEO for affordable, sustainable growth. And if you’re running Shopify, you’ll love our expert Shopify SEO service.

International & Multilingual SEO

Ensuring your website content is relevant and contextual to all markets you operate in is key to success and relating better to your audience. Jambread has extensive experience on international and multilingual SEO that gets results that transcends borders, timezones and languages.

SEO for Videos

More views is nice to have but you want more engaged viewers and for them to convert into buyers and subscribers. Jambread has the tools to make your videos more easily found amongst YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

SEO for Apps

Visibility in app marketplaces is critical to get those all important downloads. Jambread helps you rely less on paid ads to achieve greater exposure for your apps in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Support for the Huawei App Gallery is coming soon.

Online Reputation Management

The cost of protecting your reputation online depends on whether you’re proactive or reactive. We can help you react and put out the fire. But we much rather prefer being proactive using SEO to strengthen your online rep and make it bulletproof.

SEO Clinics & Mentorship

Guiding your in-house team or giving the next generation of SEO professionals, Jambread is well-equipped to share insights, build processes and best practices and feed the hunger for more SEO knowledge.