SEO Sprints

SEO Sprints are a unique service offering from Jambread.

An SEO Sprint is where we work with you over a short period of time to work on solving your most pressing SEO issues with a focus on delivering results sooner.

SEO Sprints are designed to be short and sweet. Typically, we engage clients for 4-6 weeks and have also worked on longer sprints in tandem with development teams as per their deployment schedules.

SEO Sprints differ from monthly retainers because it’s not monthly or ongoing.

SEO Sprints are also different to SEO Clinics but they both share the same idea: taking action sooner, getting results faster.

What also makes SEO Sprints attractive is that it becomes more affordable for a business vs a traditional monthly retainer.

The best thing about SEO Sprints is that they can be done at any time for as long as is necessary. It’s an intensive workout for your website!

Jambread can come to you, work off-site/remotely anywhere in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE.

If you’re not in Dubai / UAE and would like to get involved in an SEO Sprint with us, get in touch – we love to help businesses wherever they are.