SEO for Publishers

Publishers require SEO just like any other industry.

While your brand can have some impact, SEO is what will truly propel you forward and lead you to where you need to be. In today’s landscape, where print advertising revenue is declining and web publications face challenges from ad blockers, it’s crucial for your content to stand out.

If your content remains undiscovered, it won’t be seen, resulting in no traffic. Insufficient traffic leads to poor statistics, making it even more difficult to attract advertisers.

With our SEO for Publishers service, we ensure that your content receives the visibility it deserves, regardless of how competitive your market is. This service extends beyond the content that you already know will perform well or requires minimal promotion. It encompasses all your content, allowing you to eliminate concerns about slow days and anticipate consistent growth in traffic month after month.

Sustaining traffic, even without breaking news
During periods of breaking or trending news, your website may experience spikes and significant growth. However, these surges are often temporary and can distort your data when comparing week-on-week or month-on-month metrics. What happens when the news hype subsides? Should you resign yourself to a slow week? With my robust SEO for Publishers service, you can maintain traffic levels even without relying on breaking news or trending stories.

Expand your audience and boost traffic through SEO
As a publisher, you understand the necessity of leveraging every available channel to sustain traffic. After all, it’s a numbers game. But what did you do when Facebook’s referral traffic, which was typically substantial, dwindled? This reliance on external sources for traffic poses a problem.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: SEO. It becomes even easier because you possess a valuable asset that no one else can control—your own website.

Your website holds more power than any external platform. You have complete authority and control. Through SEO, you can structure your site and content in a way that facilitates easy discovery by search engines. Nearly every internet session begins with search engines like Google. So why depend on a social media platform that could change its algorithms at any moment?

Don’t subject your revenue to the mercy of others. Invest in your website. Invest in SEO.

Irrespective of the size of your site, we collaborate with you to develop your Publisher SEO strategy.

Our approach to SEO is cautious because we understand the importance of traffic. We never recommend anything that could potentially harm your traffic.

Each recommendation is prioritised, and clearly outlines any potential risks. Publisher websites cannot afford to encounter errors or have content go missing, and I will always bear this in mind.

Publishers should invest in an SEO strategy that enables them to:

  • Maximise the benefits of Google News and the News carousel.
  • Capitalise on Google Knowledge Graph and
  • Gain insights into trends, content performance, and analytics.
  • Optimise their content for longer dwell times (which also means more eyeballs on ads).

We are experienced in working with websites containing hundreds of thousands of URLs and can assist with site migrations.

We can also run SEO Clinics with your newsroom and magazine editorial teams, integrating best practices into the content creation process.

Our SEO expertise encompasses both technical SEO and content-driven SEO, providing an excellent blend of both aspects.

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