How we work

At Jambread, the way we work is a bit like choosing which jam to put on your sandwich.

Whichever one you choose – you’ll end up with a delicious jam sandwich.

So here’s how we work:

Monthly retainer
This is the classic model. Simply retain us on a monthly basis and have us on call for all things SEO. Think of this like the relationship you have with your accountant or lawyer – there when you need us with reliable advice, every time.

Fractional SEO
Need a dedicated SEO resource in-house, without the admin overheads? This is the perfect solution. Think of this as having your own dedicated SEO consultant amongst your team. We can join the party for as little as 1-2 days a week or more frequently if required. Currently offered only within the UAE.

SEO Sprints
We love these. An SEO Sprint is a time-restricted, intense effort to address fundamental SEO issues with urgency. There’s often a lot to do at the start of any SEO project – this just intensifies that focus and gives the site a better chance of success, sooner. Typically run in 3 month blocks, these can be tailored depending on your situation.

And there’s of course, the project-based SEO work where you simply need some good proper SEO advice on random SEO-related projects. These are priced per project.

Aaaaand we would love to work with you as whitelabel SEO agency of choice! We’re big fans of getting the work done, without worrying about accolades. Whitelabel SEO is where we thrive!

Let’s talk more and see what works best for you.

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