Ecommerce SEO

Jambread loves ecommerce. Jambread loves SEO.

Jambread loves to put them together for a delicious successful sandwich.

Your online store needs SEO because it helps make your website more visible.

When your website is more visible, it’s easier to find online. And then people can buy from you.

Good SEO is about optimising your online store for discovery (being found) and conversions (sales). But it’s mostly about visibility which is the main reason your store isn’t making money!

Jambread’s ecommerce SEO service caters to any online store, on any platform. Whether it’s Shopify or WooCommerce, Magento or anything else – Jambread can help.

You see, the principles of SEO remain the same no matter the nature of a website. What makes it different for ecommerce is the whole transactional nature of things.

SEO for online stores is critical for success. Rarely will an ecommerce venture succeed if it does not invest in SEO. Naturally, we believe in the use of all marketing channels for the ultimate success. But SEO? It’s the one thing that is here for the long term and is ROI-positive.

The main benefits of ecommerce SEO include:

  • constant visibility (unlike ads which make your store visible only if you pay!)
  • affordable brand awareness (costs a lot less than ads and easier on your bottom line)
  • sustainable and scalable for the long term
  • you can do lots of cool things with content to improve awareness, attract a constant stream of customers and outrank your competition (more money for you!)

We specialise in Shopify SEO and can still help you with a good old fashioned, robust, reliable and ROI-positive ecommerce SEO service even if your store isn’t running on Shopify.

Jambread can help you no matter where you are: Dubai, UAE or elsewhere in the world.

Talk to us today and see how we can help your online store more profitable using the power of ecommerce SEO.