ChatGPT and SEO – the reality

We’re not sorry about this.

We just have to throw in our tuppence worth on the latest hot topic that refuses to leave everyone’s timeline.

ChatGPT is incredible, at the outset. And we won’t bore you with talk of its potential to change everything as we know it. It’s remarkable, really.

But we want to talk about it from the SEO angle.

SEO is everyone’s chopping block. It’s *always* on its death bed. And with ChatGPT, everyone’s clamouring to sound the death knell.

So here we are to tell you that SEO is not dead, it is not dying and ChatGPT may be coming for our lunch, but for now, dinner is saved.

See, if you enter a website address into Screaming Frog or ahrefs or SEMRush or any other SEO tool, it will give you one thing: data.

It won’t provide you with contextual analysis that you can use to make meaningful decisions.

Don’t get us wrong: these tools are getting better but they’re not replacing humans yet. All they do is make research and analysis a whole lot quicker. Time is money, after all.

The same goes for ChatGPT. It allows for code and content to be whipped up in a fraction of a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. This is incredible.

But as people are quickly discovering, the output isn’t always accurate. And you may end up spending more time editing and correcting than you expect. Which ultimately renders the whole “time saving” endeavour moot.

So why are people saying that ChatGPT will replace us SEO folks and should you use it in your SEO?

Our theory is that people associate article creation with SEO and assume that they no longer need to pay writers to achieve SEO goals – they can simply use ChatGPT to write SEO content and they can begin to print money.

Look, let’s be real – we may just get to this point sooner than we think. But for now, ChatGPT content outputs are entirely based off existing content which means they lack originality and personality. And besides, SEO is not always about content quantity – it’s about quality. Even if you have a stable cadence with your content production and publishing, you still need to focus on quality – like, content people actually want to read.

We used ChatGPT and it gave us inaccurate and inconsistent data. And it’s not like we asked it about things from 2021 onwards. No, this was about the history of cars, tyres and the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Road.

So what did we do? We ended up doing our own research and writing our own content.

Yes it took time but we’re used to this and we enjoy it.

ChatGPT isn’t going to do your outreach or analyse a backlink profile or be able to audit a website with context. Not yet anyway. So frankly, ChatGPT is not replacing us anytime soon. Not for a while. Like, not in 2023. So until then, find yourself a real SEO consultancy to help you get the job done.

So, are we going to avoid using ChatGPT in our work in future? Never say never.

Just know that at Jambread, we’re real people with real experiences offering real SEO services you can build an empire on. If ChatGPT or any AI tool can help us do better work, more quickly, we’ll be the first in line to use it.

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